• Say Cheese Please.

    I'm a complete cheesehead (and it's not because I'm originally from Wisconsin). I'm mush from 24 hours of repeatedly performing a 10 step mantra to creating the perfect bowl of macaroni and cheese for a TV commercial. The creative shows an enticing bowl full ( that's one cup only please) creamy mac and cheese being dashed every which way by a monster spoon being welded by a hungry man. It's lucky when hungry man can perform this extraordinary swoop in 5 takes. So think 5+ perfect bowls for each set x multiple scenes. And the food must arrive on demand, looking perfect every single time_no prima donnas allowed.

    So from a Food Stylists perspective this is where it gets exciting: Shell shaped macroni once cooked, instantly curls up into crustaceous anthropods creating sticky balls that have to be peeled apart. The specs though require each shell to be glowingly perky, exhibiting their unique shape through an even coating of milky, cheesy sauce. Oh, I forgot to mention, shell shaped macaroni when dropped, only land on their little round backs and of course the specs are to show all shells with the round side up_ no holes please. Well, that is what a professional foodstylist does, we deconstruct the preparation of a food product to meet the demands of the production, while striving to retain the integrity of the esthetics of the companies brand.

    Oh I've done macaroni and cheese over the years many times, but each job is truly a unique problem to solve which is what makes it so much fun and why I just love being a Food Stylist.

    Still addicted to solving the problem and making clients happy after 35 years.