What’s the difference between a fruit smoothie and a shoe? Nothing.
And you know, I’m not embarrassed to say this: they both win my heart.
Every. Single. Time.

The second the phone rings, my job starts. The challenge begins. My obsession ensues. I listen with attention. Questions are raised. The envelope is pushed and discovery begins.

For every new project I bring my kits. These kits are full of tricks and gadgets that I’ve devised—then revised—during 37 years of making it all happen. Call it a sixth sense or simply experience, but I have a unique ability to anticipate and prepare for the unknown. And it’s not just tools I bring to the table, it’s being production-savvy and realistic with how much time it’s going to take to meet expectations.

Whatever roadblocks come our way, I’ve got it covered. My preparedness and tenacity allows not only myself, but the entire team, to achieve success within budget.

I’m a scientist, an artist, an inventor, a visionary—an architect of styling and production. I have many layers and am in the midst of constant discovery. However, one thing remains the same: I am passionate about my work and your mission. As an experienced stylist, I believe in the power of a collaborative team effort.

I am Carolyn and this is the energy and attitude I bring. From the first ring to final delivery, failure is not an option. So, whether you are a smoothie looking to party, a chicken trying out for its next show, or a shoe searching for a foot to travel on, I will get you there—with unmatched enthusiasm and know-how.